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Bore Sight - After you have properly mounted your rifle scope according to the manufacturers guide, it is time to use the bore sight to get the rifle scope roughed in.

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For example, I was able to zero in my rifle for 150 yards using the software that printed.

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The Professional Laser Bore Sighter uses a high power daylight visible green laser and a high-strength magnetic connection to the barrel to deliver fast accurate bore sighting.

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See more like this New Red Dot Laser Bore Sighter Sight Kit Set for.22 to.50 Caliber Rifle Scope Save up to 10% when you buy more Green Dot Bore Sight Boresighter Kit Set for.22 to.50 Caliber Rifle Scope Laser.

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You can use a collimator or laser bore sighter to do this quickly.

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I am at a point in my life where I really want to learn more and more about firearms, shooting and all of the small details that go into the sport that I simply took for granted because I had someone else.I have mounted the scope to a new rifle and am trying to sight it in using a laser bore sighting tool.Shop discount Scopes Boresight with high-quality online 2018 at Aliexpress.

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Bore Sighting Initial bore sighting of the riflescope will save time and money at the range.I find that looking at it from the bottom side can help you visually get it straight.

Right: Half of the vertical adjustment range is needed to position the reticle over the point of impact.Before doing anything else, I would respectfully suggest you rotate the scope 90-degrees counter-clockwise (looking from the rear), making the former windage turret into the new elevation turret, then re-boresight.The Autel Digital video scope is an all in one system for inspecting your rifle bore.With a wide range of arbors, you can sight in your whole arsenal and be ready to punch paper in no time.This SKU table contains a list of all SKUs available for the product.I have only boresighted bolt action rifles, pull the bolt, make rifle stationary, line up cross hairs with view down bore.Here is a guide on how to laser bore sight a rifle scope: Buy a laser bore sight rifle.

Hello and welcome to my guide: How to Bore Sight a Rifle Scope.Hopefully, you have found this guide to be easy to follow and have learned how to sight your rifle in without shooting.Bore sighting is a process by which you will essentially match the regular rifle sighting to a mounted scope sighting.

Free Shipping - More Configurations - Lifetime Warranty Buy direct from Bushnell Shop Now.I took the bcg out, put in the laser bore sighter, packed in a foam block to keep it in and sighted the red dot in at 25yrds (the length of our range). took six rounds to sight it in firing live rounds.Easy-to-use: attach collimator to the muzzle, then adjust the windage and elevation of the scope or iron sights until they align with the collimator grid.Gives hunters, target shooters, and gunsmiths the convenience of initial sighting-in of scopes and sights at home or in the shop.


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